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Atlantic Marine Electrical Services is your premier Seakeeper dealer in New York and the Northeast. As a CSIC (Certified Service & Installation Center) we strive to provide the best service for our clients. With continual training, support from the manufacturer and the necessary specialized tools, we get the job done right the first time. We regularly perform service ranging from new installations to general gyro maintenance in the NY-metro area and have the skills and experience you need to get the most out of your gyro stabilized boat. 





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It has been said that the biggest things come in the smallest packages and we have proven it!

The new Seakeeper 3 is specifically designed for installation on boats from 30’ to 39’. Eliminating boat roll has never been easier and our new leaning post option keeps the entire installation above deck!






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We have pushed engineering limits to bring you the small yet powerful Seakeeper 5.

Designed for boats up to 20 tons, the Seakeeper 5 can eliminate boat roll up to 95% for boats in the 40’ to 49’ range.


Also available in DC Power





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Evolution has treated us well! The Seakeeper 9 has directly evolved from our original M7000 and changed boating forever!

Designed to provide stability for vessels from 50’ to 59’ up to 30 tons.






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If you need to stabilize a 60’ to 69’ vessel up to 50 tons, the Seakeeper 16 is designed to fit your needs.

Efficient and self-contained, the 16 can deliver up to 95% roll reduction and is capable of being installed almost

anywhere on board.







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The Seakeeper 26 is capable of eliminating boat roll on vessels from 70’ to 84’ or up to 75 tons.

This self-contained unit boasts a very modest electrical draw and can be virtually anywhere on board. Obtain up to 95% roll reduction with no external fins or appendages.






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The largest member of our Seakeeper family, the Seakeeper 35 is designed for vessels 85’ or greater.

Gain 95% roll reduction for displacements up to 100 tons or fit multiple units for larger vessels! Efficient and powerful, the 35 is modest when it comes to power consumption and no fins or external moving parts means no drag or snags!