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Unilight LED Utility Light with Rocker Switch

3.00 LBS
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12 volt LED Utility Light (10-30vdc) - Unilight 8005 with rocker Switch


Plastic utility light fixture with milk white plastic lens.
Rocker Switch.
Surface mount boat lighting.
Includes energy efficient 10 SMD G4 LED Bulb (equivalent to 10 watt Halogen).
Overall length 6.4"
Width 2"
Height 1.25"
Power: 12 volt dc 
Fixture Color: White
Additional Details: 
Screw Mount
Dry location only
Rocker Switch

Additional information:
Our FriLight LED (light emitting diodes) Light Fixtures have many advantages: 
Low power consumption - LED bulbs use up to 5x less power than their equivalent halogen and Xenon predecessors. 
 Minimal Heat Dissipation - keeps cabins / rooms cooler. 
 Shock Resistant - no filament or glass to break. 
 Environmentally Green - no mercury (as in fluorescent bulbs). 
Most of our fixtures are available with Warm White, Cool White, Red or Blue  LED bulbs.
All LED bulbs are 12v-24 volt (10-30v dc). All bulbs are fused, constant current and EMI free.


Available Models 8005sLwhLg4s10ww  8005sLwhLg4s10cw  8005sLwhLg4s10bu  8005sLwhLg4s10rd