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"...enables you to safely maneuver your boat closer to a dock, or within other confined spaces, utilizing your vessel's own propulsion systems."


Yacht Thruster  


Yacht Thruster by Yacht Controller provides you with total freedom of movement around your vessel. 

Free yourself from the helm to any position on your vessel. Use Yacht Controller to position your yacht precisely where you want from any vantage point on the vessel. You are able to move freely around the boat while maintaining total control of the engines and thrusters.

Enjoy the freedom that Yacht Controller provides! Experience the luxury of unhurried and relaxed docking. Enjoy less stress, less commotion and, most importantly, less opportunity for costly mistakes!




 eThrust External Thrusters

Yacht thruster is a precision designed, engineered and tested system manufactured to provide durability and performance with almost triple the operating time of a comparitive electric thruster system. 


Yacht Thruster Info Graphic





iThrust Tunnel Thruster


Yacht Thruster with the launch of its i-Thrust achieives four primary goals:


  • A thruster system where the various models are based on the very same technology.
  • A system which ensures easy and time efficient installation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Extraordinary thrust effect from a compact unit using less battery consumption.


The thrust system has direct running through a solid transmission belt between the motor and the propeller shaft. There is no oil in the gear housing.

The engine is placed in parallel with the tunnel. This design reduces noise, is compact and provides excellent conditions for installation. thrust are highly desirable in vessels where space is an issue. The gear housing and the pipe bracket is one unit and made from stainless steel AISI 316 for the larger models.

 The i-Thrust on smaller thruster’s bracket is made from glass fiber armored composites. This way, there are no future expenses for galvanic anodes. The thrust is delivered installed onto the pipe bracket; as one unit. The installation is therefore easy and research has indicated savings of up to 50 per cent in time compared to the installation of conventional thrusters.