AcXent Linear LED 24VDC

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AcXent LED Linear Fixture, 24VDC or 120-230VAC

13W, Warm White, IP40

This is a 2' pre-assembled AcXent linear fixture. AcXent may also be  special ordered to custom lengths in appx 3" increments. AcXent offers a completely new approach to yacht lighting, providing a seamless light that emanates along natural delineations in the ceiling, improving the quality and overall theme of the living space. High power LEDs with modern optical design create a consistent, more natural light without the distracting glare or hot spots of traditional lights.

AcXent's trim-edge is hidden typically behind overlapping headliner or between headliner seams. Installed this way, the only part of the fixture that can be seen is the opaque lens which blends in with its surrounding and isn’t perceived when the lights are off. This is the most discreet form of installation and the one most commonly used for yacht living areas. But other forms of installation can be employed.

For 24VDC systems, our Intervolt Voltage Conditioner must be used. For 120/230VAC systems, we offer various power supplies depending on the requirements (e.g. dimming, no dimming, or wiring to an automated control system). The installation manual explains exactly which power supply should be used for each solution.

  • Mounts to vessel stringers or directly to back of rigid headliner panel
  • Pre-cut or custom lengths available from  4" to 96"
  • UV stable Luminit™ Light Shaping Diffuser for a blended, seamless illumination
  • Compatible with various off-the-shelf line voltage or low
    voltage digital DC dimmers
  • Compatible with popular centralized control systems
    (e.g. CZone™, Creston®, etc.)
  • 1144 fixture lumens at just 13W power consumption 


Lens Material UV stable Luminit™ PMMA diffuser
Trim Ring (Bezel) Finish/Material 6063 clear anodized aluminum alloy
Cut-Out Dimensions 1.94" (79mm) width x 24" (610mm)
Recessed Depth 1.00" (25.4mm)
Dimensions 2.67" (68mm) width x 1.00" (25mm) depth, 24" (610mm) length
Input Voltage Requires constant 24VDC supply (+/-5%)
Power Consumption 12.8W
Load Rating 0.55A (24VDC), 0.12A (120VAC), 0.06A (230VAC)
Driver Integrated (DC), External (AC)
Luminous Flux 1144 lms
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) 3000K
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 83
Beam Angle 115°
Max Operating Temperature 50°C
Cutability AcXent may be special ordered in ~3" increments
Lifetime Hours 50,000 hrs
Dimmer Compatibility DMS Series Digital & Intervolt Switchmode Dimmers
Dimmer Control Interface 1P/1T N/O Momentary Push-Button Switches
Dimming Range 100-10%
Mounting Method See instruction manual
Install Location Dry Location
Ingress Protection IP40 (applies only to frontal water exposure, i.e. Exposed surface)
Electrical Protections Reverse polarity, transients
Certifications & Compliance CE-EMC, ROHS
Manufacturer Imtra Corporation
Warranty 5 Years / 1 Year Finish