Camden PowerLED Boat Light

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Camden PowerLED, Stainless Steel, 10-30VDC, Warm White or Cool White or Green


Part of the Portland family of down lights, Camden is distinguished by a stylishly placed groove feature that runs just inside the edge of the decorative bezel.  Like the others in the Portland series of powerLED down lights, Camden incorporates the latest in high-flux LED technology with a highly efficient matched optical system. The result is a spotlight resembling a traditional halogen based fixture with uniformity of light across the entire lens area, enhancing aesthetic appearance and eye comfort. The housing of the Camden PowerLED is purpose-built and incorporates a highly efficient e-coat sealed aluminum heat sink which keeps the circuit board and LED within a temperature range that assures maximum product life.

Dimming: For consistent color temperature and full dimming range, use with the PowerLED Dimmer Module, ILIM80110.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low profile design for areas with limited ceiling space
  • Built in driver - no complicated wiring
  • No radiated heat
  • Low power consumption
  • Solid-state circuitry (shock/vibration proof)
  • Multi-voltage (12V or 24V systems)
  • Completely sealed LED sub-assembly
  • Elegantly appointed low-profile stainless steel bezel
  • Choice of LED colors
    Trim Ring Finish Stainless Steel
    Trim Ring Material Stainless Steel
    Lens Material Frosted glass
    Housing Material E-coat Aluminum
    Trim Ring Diameter 3.43" (87.1mm)
    Cut-out Diameter 2.50" (64mm)
    Recessed Depth 0.92" (23mm)
    Input Voltage 10-30VDC
    Beam Angle (FWHM) 100°
    Power Consumption 4.7W
    Light Output (Lumens) 179 Lumens
    LED Emitting Color(s) Warm White or Cool White or Green
    Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) 2800K
    Color Rendering Index (CRI) 83
    Lifetime Hours (L70) 50,000 hrs (70% light output)
    Electrical Protections Reverse Polarity, 200V Spike Protection, Transient Protection
    Safety Standards Compliance CE-EMC, UL 1598, UL1149, UL 8750, CSA C22.2#250.0
    Dimmer Interface Pulse Width Modulation
    Dimmer Module See ILIM80110
    Mounting Method Screw-mount
    Ingress Protection IP65
    Manufacturer Imtra
    Available Models  ILIM30707, ILIM30717