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*Last month, Atlantic Marine Electrical Services completed our first ELCO clean electric propulsion motor installation! It was such a success that we were featured in an article in The Long Islander! We removed a Perkins Diesel motor from a Pearson 54' sailboat and replaced it with an ELCO EP-7000 Electric Motor. In addition to the luxury of having a noise-free system, the ELCO motor enables the boat owner to have an approximate run time of 3 hours but can operate as a serial hybrid when running the generator. 

To view the full article featured in The Long Islander, click here!


Elco EP Motor Benefits

  • No exhaust fumes produced
  • Silent motor operation – No noise pollution
  • Recyclable batteries
  • Very small carbon footprint if charged by the solar or wind power options
  • Cruise all day and charge the batteries overnight for just pennies
  • The motor fits standard engine mounts
  • Never needs a tune-up; no need to winterize
  • Available for conventional shaft connection applications and sail drive units
  • The motor is water and particle resistant
  • The patented enclosure ensures that the motor runs cool so it will not heat up the cabin
  • Great reliability, with an operational service life of 50,000+ hours before scheduled maintenance
  • More than twice the cruising range than an equivalent diesel engine in a hybrid system





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