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Halo - Flush Mount Down Light

Lumitec Lighting

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These Flush Mount Down Lights set a new standard in overhead lighting. The fixtures feature weatherproof construction suitable for interior or exterior installations, a shallow-depth profile (less than ½” below mounting surface) and an easy to install mounting system. Ideal for salons and staterooms, as well as helm stations, flybridges and hard tops. The lights are fully sealed and IP67 compliant. Intelligent circuitry enables advanced features like dimming and four-color control without external control modules or specialized switches. This allows boat owners to use any existing “on-off” switches and eliminates the need for multiple wire runs necessary for other multi-colored lights.


**CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a "score" for how naturally a light source renders colors. Higher CRI's make things look richer, more vibrant, and more natural. Our "High CRI White Dimming" option represents a warmer, more natural looking white light with dimming capabilities. The CRI for this option is 90.**

The Orbit Down Light can be installed in oversized holes up to 2.75" by using the Down Light Adapter Kit.

Light output options include :

4-color (white/red/blue/purple)

 red+blue with dimming

white only

high CRI white with dimming

Spectrum RGBW

Specifications :

Voltage : 2 color / 4 color/high CRI white: 10 to 30VDC. White only: 12VDC

Current : 2 color / 4 color: 280mA @ 12VDC. White only: 90mA @ 12VDC

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1 Year manufacturer's warranty