Masthead Light - 3NM Visibility - Ultra Heavy Duty

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Masthead Light - 3 Nautical Mile Visibility

Ultra Heavy Duty Lens and BSH Standard

BSH Certified, D.06.419, BSH/4615/6010419/06

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, NaviLED®PRO lamps are a quantum leap forward in energy efficiency and durability.

Ultra low current draw.
NaviLED®PRO lamps use less than 10% of the power required to run a bulb navigation lamp. Port, Starboard and Stern lamps consume less than 3.2 watts combined !

No bulbs, No maintenance. Ultra long service life.
Hella marine LED technology has no filaments to break making NaviLED®PRO lamps extremely shock and vibration proof for reliability and safety in demanding conditions.

Multivolt™ 9-33V DC.
Advanced electronics ensure reliable illumination and lamp protection even under severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages.

Safe and highly visible.
Hella marine optics deliver 100% correct light output and enhance visibility compared to bulb navigation lamps.
BSH versions incorporate self diagnostic technology for long term reliability and safety.

Fully sealed for life. IP 67 Certified.
Each NaviLED®PRO lamp is a completely sealed unit. High impact housings ensure durability from waves and impact.  Ultra heavy duty BSH versions use high-tech Polyamide housings to offer superior strength in extreme conditions.

Pre-wired with 2.5m of marine cable for time saving, waterproof installations.

Meets the requirements of COL REG, USCG, RINA, BSH.
(NMSC and Maritime NZ Approved)

NaviLED®PRO Photometric Testing.
NaviLED®PRO lamps have ultra precise horizontal and vertical cut-off angles to clearly indicate a vessel’s movement and heading.
Every individual NaviLED®PRO lamp is photometrically verified in production by a sophisticated goniometer to ensure compliance with the intensity and cut-off requirements of international navigation lamp standards.
After passing photometric testing, a unique serial number is laser engraved onto the lens. This serial number is referenced to individual test reports which are electronically archived by Hella marine, ensuring international navigation lamp standards are consistently met.

3NM BSH Masthead Lamp, Black Shroud with Heavy Duty Polyamide Lens
Part Number:
2LT 959 940-601
USA: 959 940-601

3NM BSH Masthead Lamp, White Shroud with Heavy Duty Polyamide Lens
Part Number:
2LT 959 940-611
USA: 959 940-611


Material Description

UV resistant, enhanced impact resistant acrylic lens
High impact shroud


Pre-wired with 2.5m of marine cable

Protective System

IP 67

Minimum visible Distance

3 NM

Light Source

Multiple LEDs

Power Consumption
Less than 2W

Operating Voltage
MultivoltTM 9-33V DC

Spike protected to +200 volts
Over voltage protected to +200 volts
Reverse polarity protected to -700 volts