Mirage Flush Mount Down Light

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 Brand new for 2012/2013, Mirage line of Down Lights represents the next generation of LED illumination. Utilizing the most efficient emitters commercially available, Mirage boasts incredible output and a profile that is among the slimmest in the industry. In field studies Mirage exceeded the output of 20W halogens by up to 300%. Equally suited to elegant salons or no-nonsense T-tops.

**CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a "score" for how naturally a light source renders colors. Higher CRI's make things look richer, more vibrant, and more natural. Our "High CRI White Dimming" option represents a warmer, more natural looking white light with dimming capabilities. The CRI for this option is 90.**


Light output options include :

4-color (white/red/blue/purple)

 red+blue with dimming

white only.

high CRI white with dimming

Specifications :

Voltage : 2 color / 4 color/high CRI white: 10 to 30VDC. White only: 12VDC 

Current : 2 color / 4 color: 280mA @ 12VDC. White only: 90mA @ 12VDC




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1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty