PowerLED Analog Dimmer Module for PowerLEDs

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Our 0-10V PWM PowerLED dimmer is based on an analog lighting control protocol and is compatible with certain Lutron/Crestron 0-10V dimmer systems. This dimmer can accept an analog input (source) voltage of 0-10V, interpret that input, and output a corresponding PWM signal to control the lights' intensity. The LED lights will be at full brightness when the voltage is at 10V and at full dim when the voltage is 0 volts. The 0-10V PWM PowerLED Dimmer relies on a source dimmer control (e.g. Lutron NTF-10, or similar) for the voltage input representing user selected dimming level. The 0-10V PWM PowerLED Dimmer then outputs a PWM command signal to our PowerLED light fixtures, in same manner as our pushbutton controlled PowerLED dimmers.
PowerLED Analog Dimmer Module for PowerLEDs 0-10V




Product Details
Housing Material: Black ABS
Dimensions (including flanges): 2.68 x 1.39 x .72 in. (68 x 18 x 18 mm)
Voltage Input: 12/24VDC
Power Input: .6W max
Signal Source: Analog 0-10V
Capacity: 30 PowerLED fixtures
Switch Type: Determined by the control system used
Wire Size: See Chart
Warranty: 1 Year
Weight: 1.000 lbs.