Siren Marine Wired Sensors

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Temperature Probe (SM-ACC-TEMP) $45.00

The temperature sensor allows you to monitor the temperature of the cabin, engine room, bait locker or fridge.  Alerts can be sent if the temperature exceeds or drops below a preset level, and temperature history reports can be viewed on the app. The Temperature Sensor is especially critical for boaters relying on heating and cooling systems in extreme climates.

  • Dimensions: 10ft (wire) 33mm (probe)
  • Supply Voltage: 12V DC
  • Stainless Steel Probe


AC Shore Power Relay (SM-ACC-ACRE) $19.90

The AC Shore Power Relay is used to detect presence and loss of AC shore power. The relay is meant to be hardwired directly to your AC distribution panel. This relay is the hard wired alternative to the Siren Marine Shore Power Plug Sensor. Many customers with 240VAC use this relay to monitor one leg of the 240VAC shore power hookup to detect the presence or loss of dockside shore power.

  • Dimensions: 1.5x0.75x1.19in (box) 11.3in (wire)
  • Relay may be energized by one of three input voltages: 24VDC, 24VAC, or 120VAC. 240 VAC can be monitored by installing on one leg of the dockside shore power supply line.
  • Input voltages are polarity-sensitive and diode-protected.
  • Relay contains a red LED which indicates when the relay coil is energized.
  • Relay is required to monitor shore power off of your AC panel.
  • We strongly recommend that a certified marine electrician be hired for any VAC installations or maintenance.
Canvas Snap Sensor (SM-ACC-SNAP) $29.00

The canvas snap sensor is ideal for boats that have a canvas cover or part cover, and replaces a canvas snap for entry alert. When the normally closed alarm circuit is opened, it triggers an entry alert to the boat owner and can also be rigged to sound an audible alarm. A snap cover sensor is a perfect solution for stopping unwanted access to the boat and expensive parts.

  • Dimensions: 1.25in (body) 12in (wire)
  • Bronze snap body
  • Includes 1 magnet for existing canvas snap
  • Grounds directly to security input


Shore Power Sensor Plug (SM-ACC-SHOR) $49.00

The Shore Power Sensor Plug allows boaters to monitor system-critical shore power from anywhere. Receive an alert in the event that shore power is lost and avoid costly system shutdown. The Shore Power Sensor Plug is ideal for larger vessels relying on external power sources to run critical systems while on the dock.

  • Dimensions: 3ft (wire) 2.5x1.5in (body)
  • Standard AC to DC adapter, 3V DC output
  • Plugs into AC outlet


DC Accessory Relay (SM-ACC-DCRE) $19.90 

The Siren Marine DC Accessory Relay allows users to control any 12v onboard devices, such as A/C, deck or spreader lights, sirens, or strobe lights.

  • Dimensions: 1.5x0.75x1.19in (box) 11.3in (wire)
  • Relay may be energized across a wide voltage range from 9VDC to 32VDC.
  • Ideal for 12VDC and 24VDC circuits.
  • 15mA operating current is constant across the operating range.
  • Input voltages are polarity-sensitive and diode-protected.
  • Relay is required to power or switch 12v systems that draw more then 1Amp via the internal outputs of the MTC.


Micro ePIR Motion Sensor (SM-ACC-EPIR) $99.00 

The Micro ePIR motion sensor provides similar functionality as the Visonic 360 Ceiling Dualtech in the most compact and hard to detect package available. An ideal solution for monitoring a boat’s main entryway or corridor. Install on any wall or bulkhead for a well concealed layer of security. The sensor will push an alert to the boat owner upon unauthorized entry and can be programmed to sound an audible alarm.  

  • Dimensions: 1.75in (diameter) 2.5in (depth) 6in (wire)
  • Flush mount (2.5in depth behind mounting point)
  • Adjustable backing plate
  • Supply Voltage: 9-12V
  • Not recommended for use on weather/exposed decks


Battery Power Cable (SM-ACC-BPOW) $9.99

The Battery Power Cable allows you to connect your MTC to an additional battery. Includes inline 5 amp fuse to defend against battery shortage.

  • 7 foot power cable

  • 5 amp inline fuse


Magnetic Reed Switch (SM-ACC-REED) $15.00

Magnetic reed switches are used to report unauthorized entry into a main cabin through a door or external hatch. Reed switches can be connected in series to monitor multiple entry points, providing secure protection against theft. In the event of unauthorized entry, the switches will trigger an entry alert to the boat owner, and can also be configured to sound an audible alarm on the boat.

  • Dimensions: 1x1in (2-part body, 0.5x1in each) 12in (wire)
  • Screw mount and adhesive mount included
  • Grounds directly to security input


Infrared Motion Sensor (SM-ACC-INFR) $99.00

The Visionic 360 Ceiling Dualtech motion sensor offers robust protection against theft. Simply mount this sensor in a cabin or above the main entryway, and receive notification in the event of unauthorized entry. The sensor can also be programmed to sound an audible alarm. Featuring a sleek, compact, and elegant design, the sensor blends seamlessly into any décor. Visionic technology assures high reliability, false alarm immunity, and 360-degree coverage. Ideal for monitoring unexposed areas such as pilothouse, galley, cabin, etc.

    • Dimensions: 3.37in (diameter) 1in (depth)
    • Coverage up to 36 ft.
    • Ceiling mount
    • Supply Voltage: 9-12V
    • Not recommended for use on weather/exposed decks


Lithium-Ion Battery--Pixie & Sprite (SM-BAT-LION) $18.00

Each unit comes with its own 1800 Milliamp Rechargeable Battery, which provides back-up power in the event that a main battery goes dead. Should this ever happen, the Siren unit will continue to monitor the vital system for between 48 and 72 hours (55 hour average) independent from the main boat battery.














All Siren Marine products are backed by a standard 2-year warranty