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Wireless High Water Sensor (SM-WLS-HIWS) $119.00

The Wireless High Water Sensor detects if there is water in the bilge and instantly sends an alert to the Siren Marine App if water has risen above a preset level. Mount the Water Probe at the desired height in the bilge and plug the other end into the Wireless Module. Link the module to the MTC and receive alerts if the boat is taking on water.  

Includes Wireless Sensor Module and Water Probe with 3 feet of wire.


Wireless Temperature Sensor (SM-WLS-TEMP) $119.00

Monitor the temperature of the cabin, engine room, baitlocker, or fridge. Place the Wireless Module in the area that needs to be monitored, link the module to the MTC, and receive alerts if the temperature exceeds or drops below a preset level. The optional temperature probe can be used for measuring the temperature of specific equipment (e.g. engine) or hard-to-reach areas of the boat. Includes Wireless Sensor Module and Temperature Probe with 3 feet of wire. 



Wireless Entry Sensor (SM-WLS-ENTR) $119.00

Receive instant notifications if there is unauthorized entry on the boat. Perfect for securing lockers, doors, and hatches. Install the Wireless Module on one side of the door or locker and the Open/Close Magnet on the other side. Link to the MTC and receive alerts when the door or locker is opened or closed. 

Includes Wireless Sensor Module and Open/Close Magnet. 



Wireless Battery Sensor (SM-WLS-BATT) $119.00

Monitor battery voltage with the Wireless Battery Sensor, and never worry about a dead battery again. Attach the Battery Connector to one of the boat’s batteries and plug the other end into the Wireless Module. Link the module to the MTC and receive alerts if the battery voltage exceeds or drops below a preset level. Ideal for monitoring multiple batteries on a boat. Includes Wireless Sensor Module and Battery Connector with 3 feet of wire. 



Wireless Bilge Sensor (SM-WLS-BILG) $119.00

The Wireless Bilge Pump Sensor monitors bilge pump activity, including run time and daily cycles. Attach the Bilge Pump Connector to the bilge pump and plug the other end into the Wireless Module. Link the module to the MTC and receive alerts if the bilge pump exceeds apreset run time or number of cycles.  Includes Wireless Sensor Module and Bilge Pump Connector with 3 feet of wire.







All Siren Marine products are backed by a standard 2-year warranty