LED Lighting

LED Boat lights

When it comes to yacht lighting, safety standards must always be followed. International standards mandate that lighting be used on boats in poor visibility. Good lighting for your boat will not only help you identify other vessels navigating around you, but other vessels can identify you and avoid the risk of collision in water. If you are boating during sunrise or sunset, you will find the correct lighting very useful. Not all lighting is created equally. Navigation lighting should follow international standards and those of your region. On the starboard side, which is the right side of your boat facing forward, there should be a green light. The port side, which is the left side of your boat facing forward, there should be a red light. The rear or stern of your boat should have a white navigation light. LED lights for boats are the basic navigation lights that they should have. Vessels may also utilize yellow beacon lights for increased visibility in day and night especially in busy areas. Your boats led lighting is very important in this sense.

While boating you will want to keep you and your vessel safe while out to sea or at port with dock lighting. This marine lighting notifies other vessels about your presence and therefore avoids the danger of collision especially in poor visibility at dawn, after sunset or in a foggy environment. Boat cockpit lights should be installed not only for safety, but to ensure you have what you need to navigate properly. Getting it right when shopping should therefore be based on a number of features which include:

Boat size

Yachters know how important safety is when buying yacht lights. In most countries, ship size is marked in feet or meters. You therefore have to buy lights estimated for the dimension of your vessel. Boaters know that lights are expressed as greater than or less than the dimensions of their vessel.

Yacht Type

Boats are in most cases classified according to their mode of power. Some are power driven while others rely on the power of the wind. The power of your boat marine will determine its speed in navigating. If your boat is propelled by an engine, you will find it very easy to move fast or over long distances. This calls for an urgent need for functional navigation lights that will suit the type of your boat. Yacht lights will save you from crashing into other ships or obstacles in the water. On the other hand, sailing ships that depend on the wind may move in a slow pace in low speed wind and therefore need to be equipped with proper marine lights to be identified by other yachters, especially when using fish lighting.

Yacht Visibility

Visibility is paramount. Visibility for boaters is measured in nautical miles. Different states have varying rules for visibility. Generally, a basic rule applies that the bigger the marine boat, the more it must be visible from far. All of this is dependant on lighting manufacturers. Note we are not speaking about aquariums!


The options are normally available in 24 and 12 volt wall lighting. Both these voltages are compatible and can therefore be used interchangeably. Your supplier will help you get the right voltage if you are shopping from your local store. Cirnapro led lights are the perfect solution for 12v, conveinient outdoor lighting.

Marine compliance

All lighting must comply with the set maritime standards in your state. Note that there are also international standards that should apply everywhere. Complying with the standards is important as they ensure safety at sea in all seasons. Marine led lighting may also narrow down on particular aspects such as the types and shapes of lights. A licensed supplier of can help you get that comply with both international and state standards for your safety and that of others when navigating.