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Underwater LED Lights

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Choosing The Best Performing Marine Underwater Lights

With underwater led lights, your boating day can be extended into the night with endless fishing, swimming and cocktails for late-night entertainment. Though installing underwater LED lights on your boat may be a simple affair if you are handy, choosing from the wide variety of these lights online or at brick and mortar shops may be quite tricky if you are not familiar with the ever changing models. Atlantic Marine has done all the work for you, letting our years of experience in marine installations and service provide the best products: Saving you time and money on only the highest quality underwater lighting.


Useful tips that can help you in buying LED underwater lights:

Stick With Reputable Manufacturers

Atlantic Marine Electrical Services sells quality products that we use in our own installations. Contact us so that we can recommend the best fixture for you when browsing. Dealer recommended LED lights have good track records with minimal to no malfunctions. High grade LED underwater lights have longer replacement guarantees.

Though some LED lights come with user instructions for installation, it would be best to call in the services of our experts to make sure installation goes trouble free.

Determine Your Budget

Buying lights is often mistaken as a luxury, especially underwater led lights. Luckily, underwater lights are offered by various manufacturers at a wide range of price points. Some LED light models have a somewhat shorter lifespan and less rugged housing than others which will make them slightly less expensive, but all the lights offered are of good quality. Night yachting activities like fishing may require fixtures with higher lumens that are more expensive, but generally at all of the price points you can find effective led fishing lights.


Consider installation requirements

LED underwater lights with surface mount installation will facilitate an easier installation than those that are thru-hull. Lights with surface mount installation only require a few holes for screw attachment and one small hole that will allow the wiring process. Underwater lights with surface-mount installation eliminate the need of cutting large hull holes which is time consuming and may increase risk of damage to the hull.