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3/8" LED Ropelight flexible 12V/24V cut to length

Imtra Lights

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3/8" LED Rope Lighting, 24V, Warm White, Length: 1 ft.

LED Rope Lighting is sold by the linear foot.  The following required parts must be purchased separately to complete your rope light installation:

For 24VDC:

  • ILMDL-CONKIT-6, Connector Kit for 3/8" Incandescent or DC-Powered LED Rope Light (Connector, & 6' Cord) 
  • ILMDL-END, End Cap

Recommended Item:
Power Conditioner, regulates optimum output voltage for use with LED rope light.

Check our Knowledge Base for information on using dimmers with LED Rope Light.



  • Our low voltage (12VDC or 24VDC) rope light may also be used for domestic use. However, it is not supplied with an AC adapter, and as it is normally hard-wired, it is not supplied with a plug. For household voltage (120V), you would need to add an appropriately sized step-down transformer (see our selection of transformers). For LED low voltage rope light (used with a transformer), be sure to order the appropriate connector kit (for 12V, use ILMDL-CON12V-L6; for 24V use ILMDL-CON24V-L6).