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G4 Tower Pins LED Bulb 21 SMD

0.38 LBS
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12 Volt LED light Bulbs (10-30vdc), G4 Tower side - back entry, 21 SMD

21 smd 12 Volt LED Bulb.
OD 0.87" (22mm)
Overall height 1.66" (42mm)
Pin Spacing approx. 0.16" (4mm)
Pin Length approx. 0.32" (8.2 mm)
Power: 12-24 volt dc (10v-30v), 3.5 watt
Lumens: 255 lumens (*compare to 16 watts halogen)
LED: warm white LED 3200k +/- 10%  cool white LED 6500k +/- 8%
Additional Details: 
Contains fuse and transient suppressor to protect from current overload and voltage spikes

Additional information:
LED (light emitting diodes) have many advantages:
  • Low power consumption - 12 Volt LED Bulbs use up to 5x less power than their equivalent halogen, Xenon and incandescent predecessors. 
  • Minimal Heat Dissipation - keeps cabins / rooms cooler. 
  • Shock Resistant - no filament or glass to break. 
  • Environmentally Green - no mercury (as in fluorescent bulbs).


Available Models  Lg4t21cw  Lg4t21ww