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"Nova" Xenon Screw Mount Ceiling Light

Bee Green LED Lighting

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1.50 LBS
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12 Volt Light - Nova Ceiling Light with optional Toggle Switch, Xenon (specify 12 Volt or 24 volt), 10 watt

Plastic light fixture with Toggle Switch, frosted glass lens.
Recessed-mount for low profile boat lighting.

Includes 12 volt or 24 volt, 10 watt, Xenon bulb (halogen bulb with Xenon gas for added longevity).
Lumens: a 10W Xenon bulb is typically in the range of 100 to 140 Lumen, depending on the bulb, the design of the fixture, the lens, etc. (as a bulb ages, it darkens, and light output diminishes).
OD 3.03"(77mm)
Cutout 1.97"(50mm)
Recess 0.71"(18mm)
Profile 0.25"(6mm), w/ switch 0.44"(11mm)
Mount hole center-center 2.44"(62mm)
Power: specify 12 or 24 volt Xenon bulb when ordering, 10 watt maximum.
Bezel: White, Beige; Gold, Chrome, Matt Silver, Sandstone bezel
Additional Details: 
Screw Mount
Dry location only
Optional Toggle Switch

Available Models:

 8777NFWHFG41210 8777NFBEFG41210 8777NFGDFG41210 8777NFCRFG41210 8777NFMSFG41210 8777NFSDFG41210

8777SFWHFG41210 8777SFBEFG41210 8777SFGDFG41210 8777SFCRFG41210 8777SFMSFG41210 8777SFSDFG41210