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Reach 12 Volt LED Reading Light with Built in Memory Dimmer & USB Charging Port

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Reach USB LED Reading Light with 12" Extending reach flexible goose-neck for multi-directional focus. 
Surface mount light fixture is with hidden mounting base so mounting hardware (included) is concealed.
Equipped with a convenient built in USB charging port for your mobile phone and other devices (5 volt dc, 2.1 amp max output).
Acrylic Lens provides for even light output. 
The built-in Soft Touch On-Off-Dimmer Switch with Memory adjusts the light intensity to your desired setting.  Memory dimmer will retain the last position when turned off/on (as long as main power to fixture remains on)
- touch the button to turn the light on or off.
- when on, touch and hold to ramp the dimmer up or down. (Release, then touch and hold again to reverse ramp).

Reach Light Installation Instructions:

Remove the mounting bracket from the
back of the fixture and install in desired
location. Connect the
2 DC wires
noting they are polarity sensitive,
connect the positive (+) wire to the positive (+) and the other wire to ground (-).
Attach the fixture to the mounting base and secure.