RGB 4-Pin Male Connector, 6"

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Connects RGB Tape Light to Controller

One of these already comes standard with a new reel of  RGB LED Strip Tape. It is used to connect to the RGB Controller (which must be ordered seperately). Additionally, each reel of RGB Strip Tape comes with a second set of lead wires at the opposite end. So if the reel is cut in to two separate sections, this 4-Pin Connector may be spliced to the lead wires (of cut section of Strip Tape) and attached to another controller. Or it can also be plugged in to a 4-Pin Y-Connector to run two legs of Strip Tape off the same controller.

  • One of these is already provided with a new full reel of RGB Strip Tape
  • Connects RGB LED Stripe Tape to RGB Controller (ordered separately)
Dimensions 6" (15cm)
Input Voltage 12/24VDC
Ingress Protection IP40
Install Location Dry

1 Year




1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty