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Sleipner Side Power Thruster

Imtra Lights

250.00 LBS
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The SE300/300TC 48V thruster comes standard with a purpose built Series/Parallel Switch Box for ease of installation on vessels with existing 24V systems. Starting this very powerful thruster at 48V, providing a full 300Kg (660Lb) of force, could cause jolting or a loss of balance for passengers and crew. For safety and comfort, Sleipner has incorporated a Soft Start Function in the Series/Parallel Switch Box. The Soft Start Function initially supplies 24V, or 50% power to the thruster motor providing reduced performance when the thruster is first engaged. After an adjustable pre-set time period of between 1/2 and 5 seconds, the Soft Start Function will increase the power supply to the thruster motor to 48V providing full thruster performance. The Soft Start Function default setting for the timer delay is 1 second. Reducing the timer delay to 1/2 second effectively provides full power immediately. By increasing the Soft Start timer delay to 5 seconds, and then pulsing the thruster in short bursts at low power, the thruster effectively becomes a two speed thruster. This allows the operator to exclusively use the lower power setting for most docking maneuvers while reserving the full power setting for when circumstances require faster maneuvering. Use a small Flathead or Phillips head screwdriver to adjust the timer delay located in the top right-hand corner of the Series/Parallel Switch Box. To decrease the Soft Start timer delay to the minimum of 1/2 second, turn the adjustment screw counter-clockwise until it stops. To increase Soft Start timer delay, turn the adjustment screw clockwise.