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T-1 3/4 Miniature Wedge

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A direct LED replacement for the popular T-1 3/4 miniature wedge bulb commonly used in small courtesy lights.

T-1 3/4 LED Miniature Wedge Bulb, 10-17VDC, 3 x LED, Warm White
Featuring three wide angle LED chips, this micro designed LED replacement bulb fits snugly into the existing miniature wedge bulb socket. In most cases, it will be brighter than the incandescent bulb it replaces, while consuming a fraction of the power. Its solid state design is shock resistant and will deliver full brightness across its entire 10-17V voltage range.

Feature & Benefits:

  • Direct replacement for T-1 3/4 wedge bulb
  • Miniscule power consumption
  • Wide voltage input range
  • Warm white color
  • No radiated heat
  • Long life

Product Details
Fits Socket: T-1 3/4 (wedge base)
Typical Applications: Courtesy lights
Dimensions: 0.73" x 0.21" (18.4mm x 5.3mm)
Input Voltage: 10-17VDC
Power (Watts): 0.36W
Current Draw: 30mA/12V
LED Emitting Color: Warm White
LED Type/Quantity: 3 x LEDs
Beam Angle (FWHM): 120° (3 directions)
Light Output (Lumens): 23 Lumens
Warranty: 2 Years


Model ILW12-03W

2 Year manufacturer's warranty