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Zipwake Cables

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1.50 LBS
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When connecting the main control panel to the distribution unit, usually found on or near the transom, the Standard Cable is used. Also, it is used when connecting the main panel to the next panel, e.g. the flybridge. To extend the Standard Cable, any of the available extension cables can be used. To extend the servo unit cable, the 1.5 m or 3 , extension cables can be used, but the total servo cable lenth must not exceed 6 m (20 ft).




Model         SC7-M12             EC1.5-M12           EC3-M12           EC5-M12           EC10-M12 

                 Standard             Extension             Extension          Extension          Extension


Length        7 (23)                 1.5 (5)                 3 (10)               5 (16)                10 (33)         M (ft)


Weight         .84                     .22                      .40                   .62                      1.23            Lbs



2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty