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Ba15s Single Bayonet 18 smd LED Bulb

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0.38 LBS
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12 Volt LED light Bulbs (10-30vdc), ba15s Single Bayonet base


18 smd 12 Volt LED Bulb.
OD 0.87"
Overall height 2.17"
Height above base 1.38"
Power: 12-24 volt dc (10v-30v), 3/3.2 watt

LED: cool white, warm white, blue, red
Additional Details: 
Single bayonet (1 contact on absolute bottom).
The Ba series have 2 side pins that are on the same plane and are 180 degrees apart

Additional information:
Slightly brighter than a 18.4 watt BA15S incandescent bulb, depending on the bulb quality, the fixture, the lens, and the quality of the reflector, if any. These 12 Volt LED Bulbs offer 360 degrees of light.


Available Models  Lba15s18cw  Lba15s18ww  Lba15s18bu Lba15s18rd