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Color Switching G4 Side Pin LED Bulb- Small

Bee Green LED Lighting

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12 Volt LED light Bulbs, g4 side pins, (10-30vdc), 3 RED/BLUE LEDs - 12 WARM white LEDs, 160 lumens


G4 12 Volt LED Bulb with 3 color LEDs AND 12 warm white LEDs.
OD 1.8"
Pin Spacing approx 0.16" (4mm)
Pin Length approx 0.4"
Overall thickness approx 0.3".
Power: 12-24 volt dc (10v-30v), 1.3 watt
Lumens: Red 15 lumens, warm white 117 lumens (*compare to 10 watts halogen)
LED: warm white LED 3200k +/- 10%
Additional Details: 
Dual LED color (red LEDs and warm white LEDs)
G4 side pins
Turns on red, turn off & back on for white
Contains fuse

Additional information:
*Comparison Note:
We offer our 12 Volt LED Bulb comparisons to be used as a guideline - simply stated - incandescent, halogen and Xenon bulbs all have initial Lumens outputs which not only vary by manufacturer, but also degrade with use, the current lumens output of your bulbs is unknown. Additionally, conversion of lumens to wattage is not a direct science (values shown reflect lumen efficacy of bulb type: 16-halogen, 7 incandescent & 16-MR). The fixture, lens and reflector may also be factors in determining desired results. Our goal is your satisfaction, and therefore we offer a liberal return / exchange policy.

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