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Vimar Idea Illuminable Dimmer

0.45 LBS
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Vimar Idea Dimmer, 230V, 60-900W, Illuminable, SICURY

  • 60-900W incandescent lamps
  • Rotary dial
  • 60-300VA (watts) from magnetic transformer




Vimar Idea Dimmer, 120V, 30-500W, Illuminable

  • 30-500W incandescent lamps
  • Rotary dial
  • 30-300VA (watts) from magnetic transformer


** LED Bulbs

LED Bulbs for illuminable switches and dimmers are available in 12/24V or 110/250V. Color choices are amber, blue, green, red and white.  The bulbs are sold separately.



Available Models  VM16556 VM16556.B VM16557 VM16557.B